Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 2015 American Girl Doll

Sorry if you were confused by the title, this post is about what I think/hope she will look like. Not the actual doll.
             This is Clara Vern, she loves fashion and singing. Her favorite colors are green and pink.

This is Amelia Ship, she is Clara's best friend. She is really shy and sensitive. Her favorite colors are purple and blue.

                                                                     Their story:
Clara Vern loves singing and being fashionable. And when the school's St.Patricks day talent show comes up she cannot wait to show off her skills. But when her best friend Amelia Ship passes out her birthday invitations Clara notices that it is the same day as the talent show. Which one will she go to? And what will she do when she gets an offer that she cannot resist, but Amelia can? Read "Meet Clara" and "Amelia and Clara" to find out. Written by Katie Rain.

Pretty cool huh? Later I will post what stuff you can buy for them.


  1. Cool! I like Clara, i wish she were real! :)

  2. You should show the green one to American Girl! I would totally buy that :D

  3. yea unknown that would be awesome i would also buy her>.<