Saturday, September 13, 2014

New American Girl Pets (play and upcoming pets 2015!)

I was playing on American Girl today and clicked on one of my favorite games, Pet Grooming. I was excited to see it featuring all new pets.

The top 5 and the cat are all familiar to us but what about the other 3? They must be pets coming out later from American Girl! I have a soft spot for Jack Russel Terriers so I'm really excited. I went to play Pet Soccer and saw the same thing.

But when I was on InnerstarU I noticed the pet day care still had the old pets.

So I found this all interesting, what did you think?

Here are the pets sold by American Girl at costco, the three at the bottom of the other picture. Thanks to livingadollslife for the photo and Jessica Rae(feel free to comment your blog so I can shout it out)

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  1. I think the other three pets are the ones sold at Costco, they are American Girl brand but are sold exclusively by Costco, I think. Hope this was helpful!