Meet The Dolls

McKenna Brooks
McKenna loves gymnastics and always has. She is also a cheerleader, McKenna loves to read and sometimes she writes her own books or poetry.
Birthday: July 27
Gotcha Day: February 12 2012

Caroline Abbott
Caroline loves to design her own clothes. She is always sewing and loves to sing. She likes to help her sisters with their outfits and hair.
Birthday: October 22
Gotcha Day: December 25 2012

Samantha Parkington
Sam loves to cook, she loves to bake even more. You can always find her creating something, either a delicious treat or a craft project like a necklace or scrapbook.
Birthday: May 26
Gotcha Day: April 23 2013

Jacklynn Scarlett
Jacklynn goes by Jackie. She is always reading and has very good grades. Her favorite thing to do is play the piano and sometimes the guitar.
Birthday: December 12
Gotcha Day: July 2 2013

Kaylee Anne
Kay loves acting, and sometimes she dances and sings. Kaylee also does a lot of photography. She enjoys making people laugh and wants to travel the world.
Birthday: February 12
Gotcha Day: February 12 2014

Marley Boston Larkin
Marley is obsessed with outer space, she wants to work for NASA one day. She loves all people and is always listening to music.
Birthday: May 7
Gotcha Day: October 24

Georgianna South Clark:
Georgie is always outdoors, she is obsessed with animals and loves to camp and hike. She enjoys being outside and exploring nature.
Birthday: August 14
Gotcha Day: February 12


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