Friday, April 18, 2014

Polaroid Doll Photos(and printable)

Hello everybody I hope you are having an ever so wonderful day today! I don't have school today so I decided to make a post for you. I turned some of my doll photos into polaroid pictures! I also found an AMAZING printable from My Froggy Stuff MY Froggy Stuff Youtube and switched it to make it easier:
Instead of all the complicated stuff I changed it into a box-like feature. My Froggy Stuff's looks more vintage because of the shape but if you don't want to go through those troubles you can take this one. But remember! THE ORIGINAL WAS DONE BY MY FROGGY STUFF!!!!!

So once I got the Polaroid camera I edited my doll photos and they turned out SO cute!

Thanks for reading Girlies and I hope you have an amazing Easter Sunday!

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  1. Great job! My Froggy Stuff has great instructions & printables. They are very inspirational. I love your "snapshots".