Thursday, June 7, 2012

Caption That Picture #2(closed)

                                  What do you think McKenna and Kit are saying or thinking?


  1. McKenna: *SNORES*
    Kit: SHHHHH!!!
    McKenna: *SNORES AGAIN*
    Kit: Aaahh!

  2. Kit: This picture is SO going on my facebook account!
    Meckenna: *Snoring*
    Kit: No, maybe I need to take a VIDEO of her sleeping, not a picture!
    Kit: Uploading!

    Next morning:
    Kit: Wow! Already 3,000 hits!
    Meckenna: What are you talking about?
    Kit: Oh, nothing!

  3. Kit: Hi-ya!
    (Kit kicks McKenna and she wakes up)
    McKenna: What was that for?
    Kit: I need to practice my karate.
    McKenna: Why didn't you do it with someone else?
    Kit: They always move away! I figured a sleeping target is the best target!