Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caption That Picture#3

What do you think McKenna and Sniffles are thinking or saying? Comment on this post or email to say what you think! Notice: Sniffles is the dog and McKenna is holding a cupcake, try to look for details when choosing a caption. I will announce the winner next week. Please enter! By the way check out Our Dolls' lives (one of my three blogs) to see a cute mini photo shoot of McKenna.


  1. McKenna:no you've had enough cupcakes today. Sniffles:please McKenna: no, this is my lunch

  2. Sniffles: can I have that?
    McKenna; NO WAY!! Get your own!!
    Sniffles: pleaseeeeee
    McKenna: don't do that puppy dog face!!
    Sniffles: I can't ever stop doing that! That's just my normal face!!

  3. McKenna: No no no! You have already had 7 donuts, 9 cookies, and 2 ice cream cones!!

  4. I love you to much to give this to you. It might make you sick.