Friday, June 8, 2012

Craft Friday#2

                                  How to make a post-it garden for your american girl doll.
                                             (caution: out of order, look at numbers)
 You'll need: scissors, tape(clear), a brown crayon, a yellow and pink post-it, and a green sheet of paper.
(1)Cut this shape out of the green paper
                                                     (6)Cut "petals" out of the pink post-it.
                                   (7) Stick the petal's sticky part to the middle's plain part.
                                                        (8) Make a few more......
(9) And your done!
              (4) Cut out a rectangle with the green paper and color a brown rectangle on it.
                                               (2) Cut a "middle" out of the yellow post-it.
                            (3) Put the middle's sticky part on the stem with the plain side up.
                                                  (5) Tape the stem and middle to the "dirt".

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