Monday, June 25, 2012

Dolly Interview #1

1) What is my name? Julie Ann Newman.
2) What's my favorite color? Blue and Red
3) What's My favorite animial? My puppy Boomer and White Tigers
4) How old am I? I am 9 years old
5) Do I go to school? Yes, I go to Springfield Elementary. I'm in the 4th grade and my teacher's name is Mrs. Alden.
6) What type of doll am I? I'm a Springfield Collection Doll
7) Who are my siblings? I don't have any, but my best doll friends who live here are Susan Corinne Hormsby and Raychel Renee' Shaunessy (Springfield Collection dolls), and Stephanie Roberta Sherman (an AGOT #19)
8) Who would I want to be my siblings? My best friends, of course!
9) Who is my doll mom? Sharry, and she's the best doll mom in the world!
10) What's my favorite food? Pizza, cheeseburgers, chocolate chip cookies, Raspberry Fudge Ripple Royale ice-cream
11) Which AG store is my favorite? I've never been to one, but this coming weekend my friend Stephanie and I get to go to the one in Seattle!
12) When is my birthday? June 15th 

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  1. Hi Katie and McKenna,

    This is Julie. Thanks so much for posting my interview! :o)