Friday, June 29, 2012

Emma and Hannah's Interviews

Name: Emma

How many dolls do you have? I have 7 dolls.
Which dolls do you have? I have Kit, Gwen (Chrissa's Friend), Lilly (a MAG), Kanani, 2 Bitty Twins, and a Bitty Baby.
How many AG blogs do you have? I have 4!
What are the AG blogs? AG Fun, The Life of Emma's Dolls, Camp AG/University of American Girls, and Our Dolls' Lives :)
What is your favorite AG store? I have been to the Dallas store and the New York store.  I think the New York one is my favorite, but soon there is going to be a Houston one! (that is where we live!)
What is your dream AG doll? I would like her name to be Emma and she would look like me.  She would like volleyball, piano, and acting! :)
1. I have 8 dolls, counting my mini doll.
2. I have two My Generation dolls named Sofia and Jenny, Kaya, Elizabeth, a JLY named Jani, a MAG named Raven, a Bitty Baby named Gabby, and a Special Edition mini Samantha.
3. I am an author on 7 AG blogs.
4. AG Fun, The Dolls of Rose Valley, Camp AG, The Sweetest Dolls Ever, Our Dolls' Lives, AG Newz, and Our AG Club For AG Girls Only. 
5. My favorite AG store is the New York City one!
6. My dream AG doll will have brown hair and blue eyes, love to read and write, and ride horses, like me!

Please become a follower on their blog AG Fun so they can have their giveaway! Plus, their blog is really cool!


  1. Aww thanks so much Katie!!! :)

  2. It was fun knowing about u two cool ag bloggers :)

  3. Can I have an interview? I think it would be fun!