Monday, June 11, 2012

The end for Rebecca?

I am sorry to say fellow Rebecca lovers, but I think Rebecca is going to go away. On they have their big sale and which doll's books are on sale? Rebecca's. Plus, in the catalogues her(and some other dolls') collection is at the back with only, her pajamas, her bed, her, her kitties, her books, and her fancy outfit. And Julie's(I love Julie I am not mad at her) has A LOT of pages filled with all sorts of things! At first I thought Molly might be leaving but that is when I noticed Rebecca's books on sale. Plus, Molly is the last original doll so I think American Girl wants to keep her a little longer. If you would like to post this on your blog you HAVE TO give me permission. Thank you to all the Rebecca dolls' out there, but remember I am only 95% sure so don't post: McKenna girl of the year says that Rebecca is leaving. And don't post: McKenna girl of the year says that Rebecca is going away. Let's all ignore her because she is a Rebecca hater! Seriously people, I LOVE Rebecca! She is my profile picture!!!!!



  1. Y'know I thought that as well. Maybe she isn't as big as seller as the other historical dolls.