Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy International Fairy Day!

Hi guys, McKenna here! So today when I was trying to sleep my mom comes  in and asks: "McKenna would you like to do a fairy photo shoot right now?" Me not being into fairies said no hoping she would come up with a better idea when I hear:" Hanna would YOU like to do a fairy photo shoot?" "Yah!" And now I don't have my own photo shoot. Anyway, here are the pictures of Hanna.
 Sitting at Cotton Hills, Cotton Hills is known for fairy spotting, berries, and a cool photo studio
                                             Showing the cute wings my mom made her
                                                                   Trying to fly
  Taking a rest
                                                                  She sees something
                                                                         A fairy!
                                  Hanna went over to talk to her, her name is Glitter Puff
                       Glitter Puff tells Hanna that she is a ballet talent from Pixie Hollow
                       Glitter Puff flies back to Pixie Hollow as Hanna waves good bye

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