Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss Mini American Girl-a photo story

 "Hello everyone I am Nancy, and welcome to Miss Mini American Girl! These 3 girls are competing to see who will be Miss Colorado for the big Miss American Girl and be crowned Miss Mini American Girl!          But this year there is a twist, we will only be judging beauty. But that is not all, we have a theme....... PARIS! So let's get started!"
Here we have McKenna in a paris poodle skirt. But if you ask me, I think she looks a little ratty.

Here we have Lizzy in a little scotty dog outfit. But it looks a little big.
 Here is Kit, she is wearing an old-fashioned dress with a cute beret. Well judges, what do you think?
                I have the envelope! And the winner of Miss Mini American Girl is..........
                                                                     Kit Kitteredge!
                              Kit: Really? I cannot believe it! McKenna and Lizzy: What?
Kit: Thank you so much! McKenna: But I am McKenna girl of the year! Lizzy: I was supposed to win I    am the prettiest one here!

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