Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Contest Round #1

                        It's time! The moment you have been waiting for, here are the entries!
                    This is Michelle's doll Natalie at ballet practice. It has really cute colors.
                                  This is Alyssa's doll Kanani playing soccer. It has a lovely angle.
                  This is Molly's doll Alyssa doing an adorable ballet routine. I love the outfit.
                 This is Kylee's doll Grace doing a cheerleading routine. Aren't those shoes so cute?!

Although these photos are adorable, I have to eliminate one. I am sorry Molly, but you are going to be eliminated. Stay tuned Alyssa,Kylee, and Michelle for the next theme. Also Molly I will be getting you an award for your blog for entering. Thank you!

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