Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Award!

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give the link. Thank you Danielle for this award!
2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and why you continue it. I started taking pictures of my dolls and really wanted to share them with people. I continue because I know that if I do more people will come to my blog.
3. Describe a usual day of your life. Check e-mail, Check blogs I follow, take picture of McKenna, blog about it, check email,do chores, play with friends, check email, blog again, check blogs, watch "AG TUBE", go to sleep.
4. The best collaboration with a blogger? When I made a blog with Mackenzie, Hannah, Emma,
5. The worst collaboration with a blogger? There isn't one. I love to talk with people :)
6. Explain what having this blog means to you. It makes me happy when I post on here because I have worked so hard to create this blog.
7. Nominate five bloggers for this award.
-Hannah W.
-Emma W.
-Pretty Lilly

Thank you so much for this award!

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