Monday, July 23, 2012

Caption that picture #7

What do you think McKenna and Hanna are saying? You can even add other characters into the background!


  1. McKenna:HANNA!!!!! Just because we're at a buffet dose not mean you can eat the whole dessert table.

  2. Mckenna:Hey Hannah stop eating desserts,come with me Kanani is calling us!
    Hannah:Ughh Mckenna stop ur habit of always calling me when doing my fave things like photoshoots nd dessert eating :/
    Mckenna:Oh so u still remember about our photoshoot fight :p
    Hannah:Lol lets forget about old fights nd concentrate on this new fight :D
    Mckenna:Yes,yes so how long will u keep waiting our b-day girl Kanani to cut her b-day cake!
    Hannah:Ahh so what can't u see I am eating deserts silly mckenna
    Mckenna:okay so I am gonna eat the whole yummyy ur fave chococlate cakeeee
    Hannah:NO WAYS CHOCOLATE CAKE Why didnt u tell me earlier?? I am going right way!
    Mckenna:hehehe Don't tell hannah this way always works to persuade her :D

  3. McKenna- Hey Hanna have you seen all of our desse.....HANNA!!
    Hanna- What!?!
    Mckenna- You ate all of my desserts for my birthday party!!
    Hannah- Oh.....these were them? Sorry......
    McKenna- MOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO GO BUY NEW DESSERTS!! (walks away) Oh, also, do you think you can ground Hanna?