Friday, July 20, 2012

Craft Friday With: a surprise!

First of all, the surprise is that I actually was able to post today! Any way, on to craft friday! Doll popcorn!
                                                         This is what you'll be making.
You'll need: Pencil/Pen/Crayon,Bathroom cup, White paper, Yellow Paper/sticky note, Scissors, Tape, and the wastebasket punch out from the book Doll Crafts.
                                                Cut the shape out on a piece of paper.
                                                      Put the cut out piece onto the cup.  
                                             Write and draw Large Popcorn on the cup.
                                                   Cut small strips out of the Post-it/ paper.
                                                                Crumple/fold them.
                                         Then fill up the bucket. Yum! Thanks for reading!


  1. Cool idea! :) I love popcorn! Also, what was the surprise?:)

  2. Awesome,I will surely try it :)

  3. The surprise is that I ended up posting that day :)