Friday, August 24, 2012

Craft Friday: Bead Fun(part 1)

I made these super cute creations for all of the historical characters. And even some for Girl of The Year dolls. Tomorrow I will post the rest of the characters stuff. I made these out of beads. I hope you like them!
All of them

Marie-grace's lotion and Cecile's flower

Julie's record and Ivy's rainbow
decoration/magnet/key chain

Emily's camera

Kit and Ruthie's produce and preserves

Rebecca's sabbath candle

Joesifina's salsa bowl

Kaya's dream catcher

Caroline's toy boat/boat decoration

Kirsten's peach/pumpkin

Samantha's box of chocolates

Felicity's drink and Elizabeth's cupcake

Gwen's teddy and Chrissa's candy

If your favorite historical character item was not shown today be sure to check back tomorrow!

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