Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dolly Interview With Natalie

What is your name?: Natalie
 What is your favorite color?: Green
 What is your favorite animal(s)?: Dolphins :) 
How old are you?: I'm 10
 Do you go to school?: Yes
 What type of doll are you?: I'm a JLY doll.
 Who are your siblings?: I have one sister. Her name is Jane.
 What doll sister is on your wish list?: I'd really like Caroline Abbott when she comes out.
 Who is your mom(the person who owns you)?: My mom is Michelle
 What is your favorite food?: My favorite food is chocolate... And crepes.
 Which AG store is your favorite?: I've only been to the one in Chicago, so I don't really have many choices. But I've heard that the New York one is cool.
 When is your birthday?: Christmas Eve.

You can also have a doll interview just go here for the entry form. Thanks Natalie(doll) And if you haven't seen my vacation and surprise pictures please go here

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