Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Market 2 and The Contest!

I went to this little doll shop with my cousin again! I even got the giveaway prize!
A cute little school set

Hospital set

Yummy treats

Princess costumes

Julie would like this

And Lanie would like this

We went to this antique shop after and saw this


Giveaway prizes!

How the giveaway works:
1. take a picture of your doll in Glitz
2. email it to me at Katie4Rain@gmail.com by september 20
3.I will eliminate someone on september 21
4. You MUST be following me on here
5. And you MUST have your parent's permission and live in the US
6. if you do not live in the US i will have online prizes
7. All your dolls can be entered in their own picture
8. this contest is on my YouTube too so You can only enter once per doll
9. If you enter from youtube my name/contest has to be in the title or description.
10. HAVE FUN!!!

I forgot to tell you I saw Kanani while I was here


  1. Sounds awesome! Can I leave a link to my post with pictures of my dolls instead?

    1. Thanks! Here's my link:http://lac998.blogspot.com/2012/08/doll-photo-shoot.html (I posted it last month but I recently updated it!)

  2. Replies
    1. you can enter a non- 18 inch but you have a better chance with an 18 inch. sorry. But you still could win.