Friday, November 16, 2012

25 Things To Do With Your American Girl Doll!

In The Car:
1. Make her a little seat or seatbelt next to you
2. Give her smaller portion of the travel snack you are having
3. Do hairstyles on her
4. Interview her and write them down like if you were a real journalist and she was famous
5. Have her explore the car from her point of view

At the table:
6.Cut mini loaves of bread and smear jam on them to make her a sandwich
7. Use mini glasses and give her, her favorite drink
8. Give her, her own cooking show
9. Have her go to the DollMart and buy mini groceries
10. make her a cereal box out of a rasin box or Milk Dud box

Dress Up:
11. Dress her up for a doll play
12. Have a fashion show
13. Organize her closet
14. Dress her for a recreational activity
15. Create a new outfit out by mixing and matching

Pretend Play:
16. Take her to a pretend hospital for a check up, broken bone, or something else
17. Play pretend school
18. Take her to pretend movie theater
19. Take her to a pretend Caf'e(remember to make little treats)
20. Pretend that she is going to the american girl place. Get out the mini dolls and your dol's exclusive tees

Outdoor Fun:
21. Make a small garden on your garden(with parent's permission)
22. Have her go bird watching with everything she needs
23. Help her look for a four leaf clover
24. Make a bouquet for her out of dandelions
25. Do season pictures with her(just like you do with your family)

Hope this helped! Especially for those of you traveling for Thanksgiving the first 5 should help. Thanks for reading!

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