Friday, November 9, 2012

All American Girl Exclusives

These are all the AG exclusives:
Credit to americangirl playthings

  • Adorable Accents (red) F9070-MF1A $10.00
    red and pink scrunchies, red and pink ribbon clips (link to review)
  • Adorable Accents (blue) F5910-MF1A $10.00
    cornflower blue and light blue scrunchies, blue and white ribbon clips (link to review)
  • Adorable Accents (black/silver) T6679-MF1A $10.00
    black and white scrunchies, black and silver ribbon clips, pony-o's (link to review)
  • Beach Set $20.00
    Towel, tote bag, white sunglasses, red sandals, mini AG magazine (link to review)
  • Berry Bag & Shoes Set W0998-MF1A $18.00
    Athletic shoes, mis-matched socks, ruffled corduroy shoulder bag (link to review)
  • Coconut Statue of Liberty Crown F4271-PF1A
    Statue of Liberty Crown and Scarf for Coconut, AGP-NY (link to review)
  • Doll-Sized Tote-D G0867-MF1A $8.00
    Mini tote for carrying mini doll/accessories (link to review)
  • Fashion Tee- New York T6643-MF1A $8.00
    Black logo tee with shoulder ruffles and high bodice seam (link to review)
  • Foil Star Tee W0958-MF1A $8.00
    Red tee with foil stars on right shoulder. (link to review)
  • Logo Jeans G1787-MF1A $12.00
    Flare denim jean (link to review)
  • Pet Hat & Bandanna G1258-MF1A $8.00
    Black hat with black/red/white print bandanna. (link to review)
  • Ruffle Cap-RT D V6085-MF1A $8.00
    black cap with ruffle brim (link to review)
  • Ruffle Skirt F0984-MF1A $12.00
    light purple, cotton skirt (link to review)
  • Scarf Capris T6669-MF1A $12.00
    white cropped pants with red polka-dot scarf (link to review)
  • Sparkle Star Tee F0978-MF1A $10.00
    Bright Purple, long sleeved T-shirt (link to review)
  • Sporty Tankini T8671-MF1A $12.00
    Two-piece w/ red, black, white design (link to review)
  • Star Flower Dress – RET D G1797-MF1A $16.00
    A red tunic dress with silver embroidery on the right side of the dress (link to review)
  • Starry Dreams PJs-D G0861-MF1A $16.00
    Two-piece PJ set (a white tank top and red short cover with white stars)(link to review)
  • Sweet Dreams PJs W0994-MF1A $18.00
    Tank top, bottoms (link to review)
  • Sweet Dreams Set W1000-MF1A $18.00
    Headband, slippers, mini plush Coconut(link to review)
  • Sweet Skort G1789-MF1A $10.00
    Pink skirt with a pair of shorts (link to review)
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