Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And another tag

I got tagged by Rosalyn!

1. Favorite holiday?
2. What is your middle name?
3. Would you rather write a book or read a book?
 Oh I have to do both!
4. Meet a friend online or in person?
Another both! I love all my friends!
5. Favorite color?
6. Favorite food?
Baked potato
7. Favorite name? (boy or girl)
8. Would you rather sail the seven seas or climb to the top of Mount Everest?
9. Give a gift or receive one?
sorry, i am selfish. get one
10. Perform in a play or watch a play?

My questions
Do you like cats?

Are you currently sick?

Do you do sports?

Do you do Dance?

Do you like to watch movies from home or theater?

Have you tried cherry honey?

Pasta lover?

Do you like Iris's(flowers)?

Do you have an IPod?

Do you like to write stories?

I nominate anyone who wants to :)

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  1. Katie, come to this link to see me talk! http://www.daniellefunblog.blogspot.com