Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas AnGels Quiz

So I really want to help girloftheyearstudios, she is making 4 stop motions. Each one about giving during x-mas time. ALL the money she gets from people watching she buys dolls for toy drives. We all want to help her get 10+ dolls to donate. So watch the videos and take the quiz please! If you get them all right plus the bonus questions you get a blogger award. Not much but watching those vids will be. And yes, I know other people do the Christmas AnGels quizzes too but oh well.

Charlie Clause-
What does it say on Kate's shirt when she is sitting on the couch?
What color is the sign at the pawn shop?
What colors are on the mother's shirt?

Thank you class-
When do they plan to have the test? (Volume needed)
What color is Peyton's jacket?
What does Scarlett forget at school?

Hungry but not hopeless-
What color of boots are Lanie wearing at the beginning?
What color are Jess's pants?
What place in line are Asia and her mom standing in?

Once in a Lifetime-
What's on the cover of Cecile's card?
Who works at the american girl store(in vid)?
How many times is the word Christmas said?(volume needed)

Bonus-(pick any Christmas AnGels videos)
What does it say when you click the like button?(yes, I am trying to get you to click that. PLEASE?)
What video is longest?
Comment that you like the vid, what did you say?

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  1. The quiz sounds cool and fun but its too long for me to answer dear! All the videos are awesome and girloftheyearstudios is doing a great donation <3