Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates (not bad ones!)

Here we go again! I am going to try to post my 3 a day. This is my third for today, so far so good. And also I want this to be a really nice and serious  AG review blog but once a week I want to have a fun day that I post. Which could include my AG wishlist, photo shoots, holiday things, etc. The reason I want it to be serious(not like creeper serious) is because I honestly think they would be more interesting. For example, lets pretend the post below is one in the future.

May 4th, 2015

Hey guys! So today me McKenna, Caroline, Jacklynn(JLY 17), and Brooklynn(JLY 55) went to the AGP Seattle and got:
-The Purple Lavendar Summer Oufit
- The Inner Star U Campus Guide outfit #3( It's Neely's)
-Butterscotch the MyAG cat
- And the new historical character Kimberly!

Here are some  photos:
Back to reality photos aren't mine

After opening her
(credit goes to AGPlaythings message board)

Pretty Gown(credit goes to AGPlaythings message board)

Weekend fun(credit goes to AGPlaythings message board)

By the wall
(credit goes to basilmentos)

After opened again(credit goes to AGPlaythings message board)
Photos up tomorrow fromt the oufits

Wasn't that fun to read? Now not just because it was fake but because it was serious. What do you guys think?

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