Sunday, February 17, 2013

GOTY 2014 Debate! episode 1\5

Hey guys McKy here and me and my enemy saige(Katie's friend got saige) were trying to decide which of us is better and mom decided that we should let you decide. We did film it but our camera is dumb so now we have a doll log.

Host: Welcome to the debate McKenna and saige! Lets get right to it and ask the first question, why do you dislike each other?
Saige: Because McKenna hated me first, she is a bully.
McKenna: I am not a bully!!! Saige is the only person a bully because she took my place!
Saige: you took Kanani's!
Host: okay then, in what way are you willing to help other young dolls with their dreams?
Saige: I would love to help dolls by giving them free hot air balloon rides and horse rides.
McKenna: I am going to teach girls gymnastics instead of sending them off in toxic baskets!
Saige: you see, some dolls don't like gymnastics.
McKenna: Well I am going to donate to charity! Yup, a lot of money.
Saige: Really how much?
McKenna: Saige, Saige, Saige. It's not about the money. All that matters is we help!
Saige: Huh- idiot( this was changed from poo head because that's kinda inappropriate)
McKenna: Well that wasn't very nice. Can we get a play back?
McKenna: few more
McKenna: naughty naughty saige!
Saige: oh I'll show you a playback! Can we
Get the log of backstage?

McKenna: I knew you were trouble when I walked
Saige: wow your really good!
(McKenna gets surprised and falls)
Saige: oh my goodness let me help you!
McKenna: Get away creep!!!

McKenna: uuuuuuhhhhhhh... This episode is over bye!

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