Thursday, February 14, 2013

New American Girl Stuff Valentines Day 2013

This is EVERYTHING new from the AG website

Molly's new pajamas!
PRO:I really enjoy the color of blue in this
CON:The slippers look more like flats

Pet Trailer!
PRO:Could this get any cuter? I think this a perfect little accessory,
 you could probably also fit a mini doll inside too
CON: It's not very presentable

Bitty Twin Lemonade Stand!
PRO:Yes it's for Bitty Twins but it is quite adorable
CON: I think more ext ras could have been added
PRO: This is really great because it goes with Caroline's book
CON: Fur does not look fluffy

PRO: This is great to help girls with their feeling
CON: It would probably be less expensive to buy a seperate journal

PRO:  There is lots of really adorable things in this set
CON: I don't think this would be really useful or creative

PRO: This is perfect to teach girls how to send neat little notes and packages

PRO:  Good for helping girls take care of themselves
CON: I don't think you need  books to do that

PRO: This bed is really pretty
CON: It looks a lot like kit's bed

PRO: I like the color of pink
CON: Doesn't have any details

PRO: Yay! Caroline's first mystery and I love the color and cr aft books
CON: Julie already has a ton of mystery books

PRO: Caroline's first new dress!!!!
CON: I liked the old bath wrap before

PRO: More color and craft!

PRO: I love all the new dresses and the last dress
CON: I think it's a little odd they came out with the cyclist outfit because it is a little useless


  1. Great Reviews Katie :) :) I really liked the idea of pro and con :D :D