Friday, April 19, 2013

Oops sorry don't worry still here

Sorry for not posting. These are some posts I could have done but didn't:

My current projects/missions

Attemting to make this with my friend the popsicle stick

I finished making this. Lotion cap spray painted, foam ginger cookie,  pencil topper ball peach,
foam sandwhich, foam deviled egg

Foam pallette. Broken crayons paint, paper and string book,
what should I do for box?

I am asking mom's grandma if she can make this

Printed off book image, mini tea set pitcher and plate

ribbon roses, foam fan, gold wrapper covered circular cardboard, clay cakes,

                                     A cap and scarf mom(katie) got for me
 BFF doll Kanani came to stay spring break

Me and Caroline do some cooking

Well that's it C U L8r!

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