Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Doll Hmms: 1

Welcome to my new writing series. New Doll Hmms. Were if I find something that looks like it is for a new doll I post it.

This is about either the new historical doll or G.O.T.Y. Have you noticed the new hair items? They all have braids! So I think a new doll must have braids or a braid.

Braided headband of course is braided

Curly ponytail has a braid on top

Chic bun has some fancy braids

Even the highlights were featured as being braided.

                     So what do you think? Are braids in? For you humans and us dolls?


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  1. Cool! Hi this is E! Did u get the giveaway from my blog! It has a name change