Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Hubbub 1

I also look at blogs so even if you don't have time to enter I can still find yours, you only have to enter if you don't think I see your blog too much. And not everyone that enters wins but it's possible!

Hello everyone! If your new to this be sure to read above! Today on Halloween Hubbub I will be showing you a cute scene of costumes and a background! Credit goes to: Molly McIntire Pinterest!

This is for Molly McIntire:

I hope you enjoyed Halloween Hubbub! Every month I'll have a new Holiday Hubbub! Here's the list:
January: New Year Notebook
February: Valentine's Day Deliveries
March: Saint Patrick Social
April: Spring Has Sprung Social
May: Easter Events
June: Summer Social
July: Independence Day Deliveries
August: Summer Get-away Gala 
September: Back To School Social
October: Halloween Hubbub
November: Thanksgiving Gala
December: Winter Dolliday Deliveries

See you soon!
PS if this gets lots of publicity I'll send you REAL prizes!

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