Thursday, December 26, 2013

AG Christmas Haul!

Here is all the AG size and AG brand stuff I got for christmas:

                                                           Here's an overview of everything
I got Saige's Picnic Set

It comes with LOTS of cute stuff

I got the ballet outfit

Here are some doll sized treats

I got Caroline's Work Dress

Mini Caroline

This handmade outfit from a craft fair
I got Rebecca's Kittens

A really cute, mini, stuffed cat

A homemade outfit,
and Saige's bracelet

Merry Christmas! There is also something I forgot to take a picture of, a REALLY adorable doll table and chair set. It is on my youtube channel for mobile devices only, sorry :( 
What did you get for Christmas? Or Kwanzaa? Or Hanukkah?

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