Monday, December 23, 2013


It's the girl of the year 2014!
I am very dissapointed in her collection!


Her barre is $65. It comes with ballet shoes and water bottle. You can only get 2 sets with ballet shoes 

Her accessories are $30 and have no ballet themed things

This is totally against my studio dress code and a little skimpy for 8 year olds

This is actually a really good idea for mix and match! But once again not really dress code. I do want the leg warmers for fun, sweater for warm up, and rosette leotard for performance!

This is $275! I think $100 would be resonable, because it IS cute

She is $120!!!!!

CAAAAAAT! It looks just like mine! And is only $22! The outfit is cute...until I realized it was a unitard!

The most ugly pajamas yet!

 I am glad the MyAG is still $110 because that is my last doll! Of course the GOTY's are $120

What do you think?  Here is what I am asking for, for my birthday(early Feb.)

MyAG #59                        $110
Isabelle's Legwarmers          $12
Isabelle's Dance Sweater      $14
Isabelle's Rosette Leotard     $10

Yes! I get  $150 for birthday gifts :)

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