Sunday, December 15, 2013

To And From Kaylynn: 1

Hey guys it's Caroline taking over a new segment called To And From Kaylynn. As a lot of you know we are getting a new sister in February, even though she will be our last sister :( We cannot wait! Me and her will be sharing a room so Katie thought it would be good if I was the one to do this program with her. Before we get into that here is a picture she sent of herself:
Here she is in her ballet outfit
This is a set she wants

These are her kittens Twix and Zeus

She also wants this doll for Christmas NEXT year

Oh look she's online!
KayleeJustDance2 joined CutiePieCaroline8 conversation
CutiePieCaroline8: Hey Kaylynn!
KayleeJustDance2: Hi Caroline, btw u can call me Kaylee
CutiePieCaroline8: Okay! I saw the picture of your cats, they are so cute!
KayleeJustDance2: Aren't they? I just love cats!
CutiePieCaroline8: Me too they are my favorite animal!
KayleeJustDance2: Awesome! So you wont mind when we share a room and they are in there?
CutiePieCaroline8: Not at all!
KayleeJustDance2: Then you'd be pleased to hear that AG Airline is having me send them early.
CutiePieCaroline8: How early?!
KayleeJustDance2: Christmas!
CutiePieCaroline8: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
KayleeJustDance2: I am also sending over my ballet outfit, my food, and my AG doll.
CutiePieCaroline8: I promise to take good care of everything. Which doll do you have? I have Felicity.
KayleeJustDance2: *smirk* Caroline
CutiePieCaroline8: LOL that's funny! You also want to get Isabelle?
KayleeJustDance2: Yah she's a lot like me!
CutiePieCaroline8: But she looks nothing like you
KayleeJustDance2: Yes there is always that!
CutiePieCaroline8: Just for the first chat do you want to talk to the other girls?
KayleeJustDance2: Of course!
GymnastGodess4, NatureArtist1, AnimalsRmyLife9, joined CutiePieCaroline8 Conversation
GymnastGodess4: Hey Kaylee!
NatureArtist1: Hello!
AnimalsRmyLife9: Hi!
KayleeJustDance2: Hi guys!
AnimalsRmyLife9: I heard your cats are coming, I love animals.
KayleeJustDance2: Me too but I'm afraid of them
CutiePieCaroline8: Don't worry I am still afraid of our dog
KayleeJustDance2: Oh I am way afraid of dogs!
GymnastGodess4: Don't worry I promise to keep him away from you!
KayleeJustDance2: Thanks!
NatureArtist1: Sugar is a lazy sweetheart so you don't have to worry about her either.
KayleeJustDance2: How many dogs do you have?
AnimalsRmyLife9: Just two
CutiePieCaroline8: We can keep them out of our room and the cats in
GymnastGodess4: Plus, the dogs don't hurt cats
KayleeJustDance2: Good because my cats are my life, same with pink, ballet, writing, reading, and photography.
GymnastGodess4: You love reading? I am a total reader!
NatureArtist1: I love taking photos of nature myself! When you get home me and you are totally going on a nature walk!
KayleeJustDance2: LOL okay :)
CutiePieCaroline8: I love the colors pink and green!
KayleeJustDance2: I also like having my hair done
GymnastGodess4: wow
AnimalsRmyLife9: just wow
KayleeJustDance2: what?
NatureArtist1: Mom is obsessed with doing our hair! But we don't like it so much, if you tell her she will do your hair forever!
KayleeJustDance2: Sounds good! Aw man, I have to go.
CutiePieCaroline8: Why?
KayleeJustDance2: I am at Inner Star Library and my time is up, We'll talk soon okay?
CutiePieCaroline8: Okay! Bye!
GymnastGodess4: Bye
AnimalsRmyLife9: Bye :(
NatureArtist1: TTYL!
KayleeJustDance2 left CutiePieCaroline8 conversation

So what do you guys think of our new sister?

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