Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Special Edition Doll Sets

American girl came out with some new historical "special edition" sets. What a fun idea! This really invites you into the world of historical doll that doesn't get updated a lot. Each set comes with an outfit an accessories. And each of the four sets cost $64.
This is Julie's Dance Set, it includes a dance flyer, dance ticket, dress, belt, boots, and disco ball. A total of 6 items.

Kit's Candy-Making set, includes tulle, chocolate bunnies, chocolate mold, chocolate, bowl,  basket, dress, and shoes. A total of 8 items.

Rebecca's School Play Set, includes program, makeup brush, makeup, box w/ mirror, dress, wings, shoes, and headband. A total of 8 items.

Jingle Dress of Today, includes drum, feathers, hair clips, flute, dress, vest, and boots. Includes 7 items.

The best priced items should be Kit and Rebecca's coming with more things. But they all seem to have a lot of play value and with American Girl's pricing not all that large of a stretch in that area. I favor Rebecca's School Play Set but what about you?

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