Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anything for your doll- 2 drink labels

I am so happy that I got 2 requests on my post and one I am working on but I finished this one so I decided to post it. I made drink printables! These are property of my printable brand: Dollipop so this is for personal use only.

Here is the drink printable for water, root beer, cola, and lemon lime.

Print these out to the size you need for whatever size doll you have then follow these instructions to make a soda can. 

You'll need the printable, scissors, paper, and tape.

Cut out a piece of paper how tall you want then cut it down the whole paper length

Roll the paper, but not too tight!

Then tape at the end
There you go!

For a water paper roll the paper tight

I hope you enjoyed and remember to comment requests!

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