Friday, July 25, 2014

Picking A Personality For Your New AG Doll

We all know that when you get a doll she can't just have a name, she needs a personality! Down below I wrote as many as I could think of.

Sassy(Loves fashion, has an attitude)(gymnast)

Sweet(always polite, sharing and being supportive)(singing)

Creative(Loves art and has a bit of tomboy)(painting)

Peaceful(Loves animals and recycling)(guitar)

Girly(Loves pink and cat/dogs)(ballet)

Smart(Knows everything and is a straight A student)(reading/writing)

Sporty(Loves being active and eating healthy and is also a half tomboy)(soccer)

Crafty(Loves creating things and taking pictures)(scrapbooking)

Musical(Loves music and composing it)(Piano)

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