Wednesday, September 17, 2014

D.I.Y. Perfect Doll Room

Hello! I got a request to show how to make the perfect doll room(you can comment a request below too!) so that's what I'm showing today.

First I found a shelf in my closet and printed out some pictures of dolls for posters

Then I put two travel size pillows side by side to make a two person bed.

Then I got some fabric and laid it on top for blankets

Then I hand sewed a small pillow but I have also put a rolled up shirt for a pillow in a different room

Then I collected small stuffed animals from around my room(key chains, old stuffed animal, bean bag pet, american girl pet, etc.)

Then I put my little wooden box in the corner but for the other rooms I just use small cardboard boxes and small AG boxes

Then I put a quilt square on top to take away the design on top

Then I placed the family pet(and bed) in front to cover the other deisgn

Then I put small trinkets on top(erasers, tea set pieces, buttons, doll sized nick nacks)

And you're done! Thanks for reading :)

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