Monday, May 21, 2012

Doll of the week

"I am starting a contest for 18 inch dolls(american girl,our generation,madame alexander,etc.)and bitty babies/twins to be featured on my blog. Here is how it works: First take a picture of your doll, then e-mail it to my mom at, in one week your picture could be on my blog!!!! Rules: one doll per picture,you may send in as many pictures as you like, if you have previously sent me a picture of your doll those will not be entered, send your picture to me with the doll's name and your first name, do not send me the same pictures every week i will look at the same ones every week,the picture has to be took by you or someone who gave you permission to send a picture they took,you can win more than once but not on the same picture. Cannot wait to see the entries!"

please enter,
P.S. you can send in pictures starting today!!!


  1. im gonna try
    your new friend mckenna

  2. I might sometime, I'll have to get my mum's permission first though.