Sunday, May 20, 2012


"ok I know, this is my 4th post today(well technically my 2nd because my mom did 2) I usually will do 2 or 3. but i have a very good update because this is only my first day being a blogger(may 20). I have made specific dates for fun stuff on mckenna's(my) blog.
Monday-doll of the week contest(i will have info tomorrow)
Wednesday-wild wednesday(it will be me, mckenna, doing something wild or a wild update every other week)
Friday- every other friday i will show you a cool craft that you/your mom  can make for you
Saturday-show and tell(i will show you something cool i have)
Sunday-every sunday i will put up a survey and tell you the winner of last weeks(EX-last weeks winner: Jess for favorite GOTY) the new poll will be at the top of the screen"

thanks a bunch,

P.S. do not freak out if i "forget" to do something on this list, i am doing this for fun not for life:) Because my mom has to go to school for 9 more days!!!!!!

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  1. for wild wednesday it can also be a wild announcement