Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Dream

My dream: I was at my grandparents house and it was time to leave. As I gave my grandma a hug she said "Katie I just remembered, I got some American Girl Doll stuff at a garage sale for you and your sister. I'll go get them." When Grandma came back she had American Girl Doll,Mia,Addy,Kanani and Samantha. My sister not really that much into dolls said that I could have three dolls if she could have Samantha. I happily agreed because I love Mia,Kanani and especially Addy. My grandma also brought up,Kanani's lounge set,Kanani's pajamas,Addy's birthday outfit, Addy's Sunday best, Mia's bedroom collection,Mia's performance outfit,and all the meet outfits and accessories that came with Addy,Mia,and Kanani. When I got home I played with them and I was so happy. Then... I woke up! I was really sad when I woke up because I really didn't get all the stuff I got in my dream. But then I saw McKenna in her little doll bed and smiled because I had her.


  1. Oh my, I would be so upset!!!!

  2. Aww very sad but u have mckenna nd so have i :)