Friday, June 22, 2012

Why it is okay that McKenna looks like Elizabeth and Chrissa

Everyone is saying that they don't like McKenna because she looks like Chrissa and Elizabeth. Well, what if a girl was looking on American Girl and saw Chrissa and Elizabeth in the archives and loved them. But knew should would not be able to get them because the were retired. But then she sees McKenna, the Chrissa like face and Elizabeth's golden hair. It is love at first site. The girl begs her parents to get it for her for her birthday. On the morning of her birthday her face lights up when she sees her lovely McKenna doll. That story, is actually a true story. I know because that is my story. American Girl is actually a genius combining two beloved but retired dolls. I am very happy they took the risk(of people complaining about McKenna) to create my lovely doll McKenna.


  1. I like how they look alike, but they aren't exactly the same :)

  2. Yes mckenna is lovely even if she resembles Elizabeth nd Chrissa :)