Thursday, July 26, 2012

Contests and Giveaways I have entered!

1 Doll of The month   you get a post from a popular doll blog LOST
2 Doll colors(photo contest)   You get a new blog design LOST
3 Summer fun(photo contest)   You get to be interviewed
4 Mckenna movie   you get Signed copy of McKenna's movie LOST
5 Doll and Doll clothes lot   You get a doll and 4 outfits LOST
6 Butterfly twist dress   You get the dress,ADORABLE boots, and headband LOST
7 Weekend fun outfit you get   A shirt,capris,vest,sandle, and headband.LOST
8 AG sweepstakes  you get A trip to New York with one whole day at the AG Place, $250 for AG, $250 for whatever you want! LOST
9 McKenna prize pack   you get   A mckenna doll, Mckenna's movie, McKenna's movie, and her team gear LOST
10 Doll starter kit     you get doll, pj's, and accessories
11 Summer Photos(photo contest)    you get $25 for AG or $15 2nd place LOST
12 Olympic and London Doll(photo contest)  You get  $20 for AG
13 Movie night(photo contest) A blog button WON
14 Duct Tape Doll Wallet     you get that
15 Liberty Jane 2012 Summer Design Contest

Some of these I just made up the name of them since I didn't know. But these are all real contests on Facebook, Youtube, and Blogger.
NEW! 16 Olympic Gymnast Outfit

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