Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dolly Interview: with Felicity

What is your name? Felicity Merriman
what is your favorite color? Red
What is your favorite animals? Horses!!Exspecialy paints!
How old are you? 10. I'll be 11 in April!
Do you go to school? I'm hoping to sign up for university of american girls/ camp ag soon!
What type of doll are you? An american girl retired historical character! And yet I am failing in history>>> :)
Who are your siblings? Kit,Julie, Lanie, Erika (m.a.g), Elizabeth, Emma (bitty baby), Samantha (bitty baby), kanani, V.G. ( porcelian doll), Joseifina, Kelsey (Journey girls), Britt (BFC ink), Hailey (Liv)
, Amelia ( groovy girls), Frankie (MONSTER HIGH/MH), Draculaura (MH) clawdeen (MH) 
Who would you want to your siblings? Hmmm... my penpals and neighbors!
Who is your mom? Ag mega fan
Favorite food? Lasanga!
Fav AG store? Atlanta!
Birthday? April 3rd!! 

Thanks so much Felicity! Her picture will be coming as soon as possible.

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