Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolly Interview

What is your name? Kanani Akina
What is your favorite color? Light Blue!
What is your favorite animal(s)? Dolphins!!
How old are you? I'm 10.
Do you go to school? Well, I want to, but right now I'm hoping to sign up for Camp AG probably around August. Alyssa (my owner) is a teacher/counselor there :)
What type of doll are you? Girl of the Year 2011!
Who are your siblings? Too many to name! I have 18 other siblings!
Who would you want to be your sibling? Hmm....Alyssa want's McKenna, so I guess she's alright.
Who is your mom(the person who owns you)? Alyssa :)
What is your favorite food? Shave Ice! Haha :)
Which AG store is your favorite? Chicago, my sister Julie has been there before, and she say's that it was awesome! I also got 5/6 other sisters adopted from there! :)
When is your birthday? Well technically December 25th!
Remember, your doll can be interviewed too! Just go here.

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