Sunday, March 17, 2013

American Girl Doll St. Patrick Day Scavengar Hunt

Hey everyone it's McKy! And today I have a fun surprise 4 u! I am going to take you on an American Girl Doll St. Patrick Day Scavengar Hunt. If you complete it then you will get some free printables and a fun poster :) Let's get started!

1) What are 5 outfits from AmericanGirl are based on the color green?(not bitty baby or twin)
2) How many dolls(any but bitty) have "Irish"/Red hair?
3) (easy) What doll and her best friend have rainbow meet outfits and accessories?
4)How many many Irish and St. Patty outfits were sold from AG?
5) How many historical doll gold jewlery pieces are currently sold from AG?
Please comment with your email for the printables and posters!



1 comment:

  1. HI. I would like to do this.

    1.hiking accessories (the jacket is green) , the skateboard set (the top is green), Julie's patchwork outfit, Kit's birthday outfit, and Ruthie's holiday dress.

    2.6 dolls (including Saige) are red-heads

    3.Julie and Ivy

    4.Zero outfits were sold

    oh, and my e-mail address is :