Sunday, March 3, 2013

Interview with basilmentos!!!!!!!

Here is my interview with basilmentos!!!! From The all famous AGTube

My Email:

I am having a basilmentos viewing party! And I want to make it PERFECT. So I was hoping you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I have. Sorry if there are to many :( if you have some where that you out most of these answers please let me know. Here we go:

Fave color:
Fave Food:
Fave drink:
Fave dessert:
Possibly a quick note:

Thanks so much for doing this, 
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Her email:
Thats awesome! I hope Im not too late to answer!
1. Blue/purple
2. sushi!
3. orange juice
4. pie! :D
My dolls say hi! :)

So that's basilmentos :)

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