Friday, June 28, 2013

Doll Craft- Independence Day Flip Flops

Hi Guys! McKenna here. Showing you the cutest summer craft around! Independence Day Flip Flops!

You'll need:
*White or Colored Paper/ White or Colored Paper Craft Foam
*Fabric(about four 6 in. strips to a pair)

-Fold a piece of cardboard in half
-Trace your doll's foot on the cardboard

-Cut it out to reveal two parts

-Then cut a long strip out of the cardboard((4 in.)(The cardboard should still be folded)

-Cut out 2 strips out of paper and tape to cardboard strips

-Cut out white pieces of paper that match the flip flop base and tape

-Tape one end of the strip to the bottom

-Then wrap around and secure on the bottom

-Tie some fabric strips

-And then you are finished!

Thanks for crafting with me! So did you like this craft? Should I give away a pair?

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