Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome To InnerStarU

Hi everyone! McKenna here, giving you a behind the scenes look at InnerStarU by AmericanGirl.
Here's the horse stable. This game is were you get to take care of a stable of horses

In Pajama Pile make the girls comfortable at there sleepover

But when the time runs out and you're still trying you can do it again!

At Pretty Patterns make your own beautiful artwork then share it to the wall!
(which of my dolls do u guess I made this for?)

This one(not mine) is way cute!

At this game create shadow puppets

and earn rewards!

You can go all the way to level 9!

Play Body Balance to score more stars

And visit Campus Guides to take challenges

and win medals!

At my favorite game Help Desk Hubbub improve your school skills by helping these girls out.

You can even win great rewards!

Here you help deliver packages all over campus

Play with a buddy at Game On!
Try soccer,


basketball, and more!

Check out my reward!

And all my medals!

Thanks for reading! I'm McKenna Brooks! See you later and on InnerStarU!


  1. I love Innerstaru! My username is Zoe275, please friend me! :D
    Right now I am working on the song Simple Gift on the violin in Innerstaru--It's haaarrrrddddd :ooo

    ~AGInParadise :D

    1. I sent a friend request! BTW, I won this code I don't have this doll. She plays the flute on InnerStarU