Monday, July 29, 2013

*I Pledge To Love American Girl*
Even if I can‘t do Art (Saige) 2013
*Even if my Goals are Sidetracked (McKenna) 2012
*Even if I can't help everyone (Kanani) 2011
*Even if nature is my home (Lanie) 2010
*Even if people are mean to me (Chrissa) 2009
*Even if I don't have much money (Gwen) 2009
*Even if I used to bully(Sonali)2009
*Even If I cant get sport moves right (Mia) 2008
*Even if I’m busy training helper dogs (Nicki) 2007
*Even If I feel far away (Jess) 2006
*Even If I move (Marisol) 2005
*Even if I miss a wave (Kailey) 2003
*Even If people don’t understand my creativity (Lindsey) 2001
*Even if families grows apart (Julie)1974

*Even if I feel invisible at home (Ivy) 1974
*Even if Family is off at war (Molly) 1944
*Even if my parents aren't around (Emily) 1944
*Even in a Great Depression (Kit) 1934
*Even if life isn't always a fairytale (Ruthie) 1934
*Even if Family is in trouble (Rebecca)1914
*Even if friends need help (Samantha)1904
*Even if I don't fit in with the crowd (Nellie) 1904
*Even when my Country is divided (Addy)1864
*Even when I Leave My Home (Kirsten) 1854
*Even if My Friends are Different (Marie-Grace) 1853
*Even if Loved one's are Sick (Cecile) 1853
*Even when I lose someone I love (Josefina) 1824
*Even if the Country is at War (Caroline) 1812
*Even when the King is cruel (Felicity) 1774
*Even if my best friend has different beliefs (Elizabeth) 1774
*Even when I make mistakes (Kaya) 1764

copy and paste if you love AG just as much(not originally mine)

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