Sunday, July 28, 2013

McKenna's Birthday Party!(+ updates)

Yesterday was my birthday! So Katie threw me a party on Monday!!!!!!!!! It was so fun but I forgot to post pictures!!!!!! Okay enough with the exclamation points right? Fun news: I am going to AGP LA!(more exclamation points ughhhh) I am not allowed to host or attend a meetup but if you plan to go I can still say hello(email me if you are because I can tell what I'll be wearing so u can find me). Also, mom just redid our house so once we get the footage edited u can c it! Along with AGP LA mom is going to DisneyLand with her family. So if you plan to go email me( at If your doll(or you a doll) has/have an email I would love 2 add u 2 my contacts and we can chat! And pssssssst... We r having a giveaway for 50 subscribers(currently 46) Okay so who want to see pictures from my birthday party?

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